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We will create a Amazon seller account for you which is ready for the new orders

Amazon Seller Account

Account Creation

The journey of becoming a successful Amazon seller starts from setting up a seller account. It doesn't take much time for account creation, but completing every step carefully with the goals and vision in mind is crucial. At Bdega Business, we set up your Amazon seller account while ensuring all your personal and store-related information is correctly filled in. The entire account creation process is handled by our experienced professionals.

Product Research

We have product research specialists in our team who keep their eyes busy in searching for high-demand products that can give a good profit margin to the sellers. They do broad research using different platforms and tools that allow them to come up with a list of high-potential products. You need not be bothered by the product research part as we have a skilled team to do this for you.


Step By Step Process


Content Creation

High-quality content is the need for your Amazon store to attract more customers and to beat your real competitors. At Bdega Business, we fulfill your store's content requirements with our well-researched, user-oriented, and search-engine-optimized write-ups. The content is created by our experienced writers and reviewed by our senior content managers multiple times to ensure the overall quality.

Photo/Video Shoot

Photos and videos make a strong impact on customers and loudly appeal to them for making a purchase. They also establish a trust factor among customers which directly contributes to increasing your sales. We understand the importance of high-quality pictures and videos for the sellers and so we also support them for their product photo/video shoot. Photo/video shoots for your products are done by our specialized and experienced photographers.


Product listing

Product listing or cataloging is the toughest part of the entire process of setting up an Amazon seller account. We have expertise in this as we are doing this for many years for many different brands. First, we categorize your products and then list them one by one along with suitable pictures, videos, descriptions, and descriptive content. It is usually very exhausting, but we do this for you without making you bothered. 


Optimise For Review

Lastly, we optimize your entire Amazon seller account setup and make the necessary corrections so that when it goes for review, you get instant approval rather than facing multiple complications. Your account is optimized for review by our senior managers.




Ready to Sell on Amazon?

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